Here’s An Update…

Neither of us have written for a while, so I thought I would take some time to let the few followers that we have get a sense of where things are right now. As we get closer to our departure, things have been feeling more and more like a roller coaster (and you all know how much I love roller coasters).

While plenty of things have happened, the events worth noting are as such.

  • We spent a great weekend with my brother and his family in Jersey.
  • We met with our awesome subtenant-to-be and worked out a lot of the details which will be finalized this week.
  • We obtained our storage unit and moved some of our stuff into it, which temporarily relieved our office of some of the boxes.
  • We hosted people at our apartment for the last time.
  • We moved more boxes to the unit and now my desk is gone to its temporary home in my room at my parent’s house. It is currently the cleanest it has ever been.
  • Our nephew, Jackson Nathaniel, was born on August 3rd as a big ball of cuteness.
  • I received notice that I needed to resign formally from my job which I did accordingly.
  • I met my replacement, who seems nice and someone I can trust with my students even if they aren’t technically my students anymore.
  • My superintendent wrote a wonderful e-mail advocating for me to continue working on curriculum at SHS (with some monetary compensation).
  • We found an apartment in Jerusalem and put down a deposit for it; hopefully this one sticks.
  • We opened that fancy bottle of wine from our honeymoon that you have all heard so much about. Adam says it was the best he has ever had. Guess it was worth three wine coolers to get to this moment ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, day to day, my emotions are all over the place. It is hard to be ready for this and be as excited as everyone wants me to be. After all, I am packing up the only home that I have ever had as a married woman, I am saying goodbye to the best community I have ever lived in, and I am traveling the greatest distance I have ever been from my family. Today in particular was not my best, and the constant questions about the move have not been helping. I know that people are excited for us, but it is not necessarily something I want to talk about all the time. I feel like I no longer have an identity; I’m just the girl moving to Israel. I know people don’t realize they are doing it, but it is still hard not to get upset. Tomorrow is a new day though, and I will probably feel less on edge. After all, even if our time in the states are dwindling, there is still time to do fun things with the people we love. We just have to cherish every moment.

As always, more rambling. Adam claims I only ramble when I’m happy, so hopefully this is a good sign.

Until next time…

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