Follow up on the weather

I know Alli already talked about the weather differences and how there is a dry season and a rainy season, but I thought the following pictures might provide a nice visual comparison of the two seasons.

IMG_0032 IMG_0370The first picture is from the first week we were in our apartment (which happened to coincide with the end of the holiday of Sukkot – hence the little huts).  I took the second picture Friday morning before going for a run.  Both of these pictures are of the same courtyard, but now there is grass wherever there was dirt previously.

Walking to campus and seeing the landscape bloom with vegetation reminds me that  each one of us has hidden potential lying below the surface, waiting for the right nourishment or stimulus to bring it forth.


PS – I wanted to get the same angle for both pictures, but I couldn’t lean out the window for the second one because of the plastic wrap insulation (see Alli’s previous post on the weather).  🙂

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