Israel Excursion – March Part I

As you all hopefully recall, early on in this adventure we decided that we had to consciously choose to take advantage of the fact that we are in Israel so we committed to a once a month visit to some place new to see things we wouldn’t be able to see back home. If you remembered this commitment, you may have noticed that there was no blog post about our excursion in February. That’s because we didn’t take one. Unfortunately because of work, Purim, and February being a short month, we didn’t have a chance to do something new. This month we decided to make up for it by doing two things.

Our first March activity was literally close to home since it was a 10-15 minute walk from our apartment. A few weeks back, Adam was told about the Jerusalem Ice City by his running partner Dan. We decided to look it up and learned that it is an international ice exhibit. After reading a little about it, we purchased tickets to go see it. The Jerusalem Ice City is essentially an art exhibit made completely from ice. Each year they have a different theme; this year’s theme being a journey from Israel through the far east.

Adam and I walked down the railroad track turned bike/walking path to get to the exhibit. It was a typical Jerusalem night with a slight chill in the air, but it wasn’t a problem since we both wore warm clothes since it was recommended by the website. After all, we were going to be spending time in an ice city! The walk was pleasant and relaxing. When we arrived we went to the ticket window to pick up our tickets and entered the city. Before entering the exhibit area, there was a place to pick up jackets. At first we both were hesitant to accept them since we already had both a sweater and a sweatshirt on, but we decided to take them in the end. Boy are we glad we did! As soon as we entered the exhibit, we were hit with a blast of cold air. We think that the city was kept in the 20s, so it was pretty cold the entire time we were there, but the jackets kept us comfortable. The only thing that got cold were our hands whenever they were exposed to take pictures of what we saw. I did bring gloves with me but we never ended up putting them on. We switched who had the camera so the other person could put their hands inside the jacket sleeves which were plenty big on us. It took us about 25 minutes to go through all of the exhibits and in that time we took over 50 pictures! Every time we turned there was a new and amazing sculpture!

As I stated before, the exhibits were a journey through different lands. When you entered there were sculptures representing Japan and Thailand. Then we moved to India and China. Throughout these different exhibits, you could climb up onto them and then slide down ice slides to return to the main floor. The skirt I was wearing was pretty slippery so I slid down quite quickly. Adam unfortunately had a little more trouble since he was wearing jeans. Oh well! You gotta love friction! It worked out though; since he was moving slower I was able to get a great picture of him coming down the slide!

After we left China we entered an underwater world. It was absolutely gorgeous! We were blown away by the detail and really loved all the seashells and animals. While every exhibit wowed us, this was our favorite part of the ice city. After exploring here for a while, we moved on to the land of the dinosaurs, which was also very impressive. The colors and intricacies of the sculptures was just so amazing that it was so disappointing when we came to the end of the city. Interestingly the last thing before we exited was a vodka bar made out of ice as well. We kind of wanted to go back and check everything out again, but we weren’t sure if it was okay to go against traffic so we decided to leave. We were satisfied with what we saw, and even though we couldn’t make it last longer, we were very happy that we got a chance to visit. Maybe when my parents come, we will take them there and get a chance to see it all again :).

The walk home felt a lot warmer than when we went since compared to inside the ice city it really was much warmer. As we walked we started to feel the chill in the air again and were happy to enter our apartment. As we walked we talked about all the wonderful things that we saw, and how nice it is to be out and about without feeling like work is hanging over our heads. This was literally the coolest date we had ever been on!

Until next time…Allison

Here are only some of the pictures we took since there are too many to post! I promise that they are all this amazing. šŸ™‚

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  1. Liba says:

    Reading this was so exciting!

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