The Beauty of Jerusalem

For a long time, Adam and I have talked about doing a blog posted that is mostly pictures of the natural beauty that we get to see everyday as we walk around the city. Throughout our time here, we have slowly built up a collection of pictures of different flowers and critters that we see as we walk or that visit us at home. That blog post is still to come…this one is dedicated to a beautiful walk through Jerusalem that we did with our friend Naomi. Naomi spent the past semester in Jerusalem studying at Pardes, and returned home at the beginning of June. She is spending the summer back in West Hartford, but will return for another semester at Pardes at the end of August. We are so excited that she will be with us here once again!

The Friday before Naomi was leaving, we planned to do another hike. Adam found a few options, all of which sounded amazing. However, as her departure and Shabbat approached, Naomi decided that the hikes would take too much time and requested that we do something a little less intense. We decided to take a walk up to the Haas Promenade (also known as the Tayelet), which is a beautiful promenade that overlooks the Old City. According to some legends, this is the spot where G-d showed Abraham where his descendents would eventually settle. Adam and I have only been there once before when friends of ours got married there back in October. It is an amazing view!

We met Naomi and made our way toward the Tayelet. The walk is mainly uphill and it was a warm day so we took our time. When we got to the promenade we were pleasantly surprised that it was so empty. It is a typical tourist spot, so we expected it to be a bit crowded on a Friday morning. We made our way to one of the overlooks and took a seat to cool down from the walk. We talked a bit about life, and then we went to the overlook. As always, we were met by a breath-taking view of the Old City. We spent a bit of time looking out, and then we walked along one of the paths that lead to the other end of the Tayelet. Everywhere we looked there were beautiful flowers and views of the city.

When we reached the end of the Tayelet we started to make our way back home. Naomi showed us a cut through that led us to a beautiful courtyard filled with flowers. We stayed there for a while to take in the beauty and smell the roses. It was just another example of how beautiful this city really is!

We were really glad to have spent the day with Naomi. We thankfully got to see her a bit on Shabbat and on Sunday morning before she left. We miss her already but are thankful that we will get to see her again soon!

Until next time…

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