Jerusalem In Pictures

Neither Adam nor I have ever really been city people. The thought of moving to Jerusalem was a bit intimidating at first, but we figured this two year adventure is the best time to put ourselves outside our comfort zone and that’s what living in a city is to us. Jerusalem, however, is not your typical city. The longer we live here, the more we recognize that it is nothing like New York or Boston or any of the other cities in America that inspire a large amount of anxiety. In fact, Jerusalem is nothing like Tel Aviv, many parts of which do inspire that New York City anxiety. Instead, it is a very calm city filled with natural beauty, parks and playgrounds, and open sky (because the buildings aren’t scraping it!).

This is probably going to be my shortest post ever because we want to share the natural side of Jerusalem with you, and the best way to do that is through pictures. The natural side of Jerusalem is what makes it feel so comfortable to us, so we want you to be able to experience it. These pictures were taken on walks to work, from work, and in the neighborhood as we accomplished errands.

Included in these pictures is one of some cats near our building. As you may or may not know, there are cats everywhere in Israel. Our building, like every other building, is surrounded by cats. Many of them frequent our garbage bin and occasionally we see cute little kittens (who have yet to pose for a picture!). In the beginning I would name the cats, and since so many looked the same, the names were more like categories. Like all black cats were Salem (and yes that is a Sabrina the Teenage Witch reference!), and all cats with white paws were known as Socks. It turns out that the longer we have been here, the more the cats have blended into the background, and we hardly seem to notice them anymore. Except the kittens of course. They are too cute to pass by!

Besides the cats, the other animal pictures include our regular visitors. There are four geckos that frequent our windows: Larry, Garry, Liza, and Little Joe. It may seem strange to name them, but we can actual tell them apart. Larry (our original gecko) has a foot that doesn’t grip so well so we can identify him by the way he walks. Garry is aggressive (we yelled at him when he attacked Larry) and is missing a piece of his tail. Liza looks like Larry but all legs grip correctly, and Little Joe is about half the size of the other geckos. Our other “pets” included birds who like our windows. First there was Penny the pigeon who frequented our front window, although she hasn’t been around for a while. She has been replaced, however, by a pair of morning doves who frequent our bedroom window. Donny and Dana are a very cute couple; they always seem to hang out together between our window bars and make-shift screen that we put up. Lately, they have been trying to build a nest but we had to discourage that since it is not fair to us (it gets noisy at 6 am!) and it is not fair to them (they won’t feel safe once they have babies). The removal of their nesting materials has discourage them from visiting lately, which is a bit disappointing.

That is all I am going to commentate. Enjoy seeing the natural beauty of Jerusalem as we see it every day!

Until next time…

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