Shushan Purim!

Purim has come and gone! We have been thinking about the holiday for a while for two reasons. The first is that my mom purchased a costume for Adina immediately after Halloween since things were ridiculously on sale. It came back with us from the US in January and has been patiently waiting for Purim. The second reason is that Adam has been practicing the megillah for months now, getting ready to read the entire thing if necessary. He is so amazing!

Even though Purim has been in the back of our minds for a while, it still felt like it came upon us quickly. We started making plans for our seudah about two weeks in advance and then all of a sudden it was time to buy food for the meal and the mischlach manot. All of this planning was happening while taking care of Adina and going to work. Somehow, however, we pulled it together. Like last year, because we live in Jerusalem, we celebrated Shushan Purim which occurs the day after Purim. It still feels weird to know that almost the entire country and world is celebrating Purim, while for us it is just a regular day. This year, however, we went to the Rosensweig’s on Purim to participate in their seudah. We had a blast eating good food, singing songs, and catching up with everyone since we hadn’t seen them in months.

Costumes are a must at a Rosensweig Purim seuda! The kids’ costumes were absolutely adorable! Aharon was dressed as a sefer torah and the two girls were candy fairies. Meir was a lamb. Because we had a long bus ride, we decided not to have Adina wear the costume that my mom had purchased since it wouldn’t work with traveling. So instead we put her in her pajamas that look like a zebra. Adam and I dressed in our hiking clothes, and I made binoculars out of cardboard. We were on a safari! It was cute and easy!

Adina had a lot of fun playing on the floor with Meir who is basically the same age. As she gets older, she finds other babies more interesting, and at one point she even tried to pull his hair, which he doesn’t really have. She also loved the colorful skirts of the candy fairies! She was just in a very happy mood, as was everyone since it was Purim!

The time in Ra’anana went by quickly. We stayed as late as we could, but we had to get back to Jerusalem to hear the megillah since it was now Purim for us. We arrived back in Jerusalem and went straight to our synagogue. We arrived with 5 minutes to spare! As we davened the evening service, I realized that Adina isn’t used to loud noises. As is tradition, whenever the name of the evil Haman is read during the megillah, people make noise to cover up the name. I was worried that this noise would make her cry. As the megillah began, Adina was in a great mood. She had slept the entire way back from Ra’anana and was ready to play. She was happily biting on the bjorn straps while the first few chapters were being read. Then the first “Haman” was spoken and everyone started making noise. She quickly looked up and started looking every which way to find the source of the sound. When it stopped, she went back to playing only to be surprised again. She started looking for the sound again until it stopped. This went on for the entire megillah. Towards the end, she started to get tired, which wasn’t a surprise since it was pretty late. She fell asleep on the walk home.

The next morning I got up early to begin preparations for our seuda. This year we were co-hosting with a friend and the food was Mexican themed. I made the rice before we headed to synagogue for the morning reading. Adina was once again amazing, and I got to hear the entire thing! After we were done, we went back home and continued to prepare for the meal. I made chili and set up the table. While we were preparing, people dropped by with mischlach manot, including the kid I used to babysit for. He was so cute dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle! Around 2 pm, we got into our costumes. My mom had purchased a beautiful Belle dress for Adina so we put her in that. She was a bit confused about it at first but soon realized that the dress would reach her mouth. Adam dressed as Lumiere with home-made candles, and I was Cogsworth with my home-made pendulum. It was fun having a family theme!

People started to arrive and friends from all different parts of our life began to mingle. People seemed to really enjoy the food and for the first time in a long time (or possibly ever) I didn’t make enough. I had to make an additional bit of rice. Thankfully I made enough chili! I assume it was good because we only had a spoonful or two left. About 6 people needed Adam to read megillah so that was really nice. They went into Adina’s room while the rest of the group sat around and chatted. I didn’t get to hear him read but one of our friends who did said that he did fantastic. I am so proud of him!

Adina had fun playing with her toys and hanging out with our friends. About an hour into the meal she fell asleep and basically slept through the rest of it. She woke up when everyone was leaving. After everyone left, our friend who co-hosted spent some time with us while her brother and Adam headed to synagogue for the afternoon and evening prayer services. Adina was in a great mood because she was well rested so we had lots of fun playing!

As always, Purim left as quickly as it came. We spent the evening just resting, talking with family, and watching a little TV. We wanted to enjoy the evening before we had to head back to work.

With the end of Purim begins the stress of Passover preparations. We made a deal this year that we wouldn’t even talk about it until after Purim is over. Yesterday I pulled up my list, and the grocery store is now well stocked with matzah and other passover items. We have a lot of chocolate and treats from Purim to eat in the next few weeks to make sure we are ready for Passover!

Until next time…

Enjoy the pictures!

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