Thanks for Your Patience!

A few posts ago, I proudly stated that we would be continuing this blog as we resettle in America. And then…silence. I had every intention of being diligent and in fact, I have started 3 or 4 blog posts in the last few months, but every time I sit down to write, I realize that there are other more pressing things to do, such as grading, planning, and chasing after a fully mobile (walking) Adina. So they sit and wait to be written. They sit and wait to be published. Hopefully soon.

The past three months have been a whirlwind. With unpacking, getting ready for the school year, adjusting to new routines, figuring out daycare, spending time with family, and the usual insane loads of work that come with being an educator, we barely feel like we have had time to breathe most days. Don’t get me wrong, it is nothing that we can’t handle, it is just sometimes hard to find time to write down a lot of the reflections and emotions that we are experiencing right now. The day-to-day craziness not surprisingly takes precedence. Most days I am amazed at how well we kept up with the blog while in Israel since we felt equally busy. Where did the time come from? Why can’t we seem to find it now? Our hope, as we enter this new year, is to be better about keeping everyone updated about how we are doing and what we are experiencing as we continue our journey back in the US. Unfortunately, we need a few more weeks to get settled into our newest routine, which wonderfully is being disrupted by many three-day holidays. Ordered chaos will eventually return to the Gamzon household, and then we will have time to write.

Until then, we want you to know that we are all doing well although two out of three of us are a bit (otherwise known as very) sleep deprived. I bet you can’t guess which two! To all our friends in Israel, please know that miss you so much and that we feel terrible that we haven’t been able to keep a steady communication going with you all. We think about you all the time and wish we could see you and spend time with you. To all of our friends and family in the US, we feel blessed to be so close to you all and to have the opportunity to see you more frequently. For those we still need to see, we have high hopes to get together sooner rather than later. We just need a little more time to get things together.

Thank you for your patience!

Until next time…

By the way, Adina says hello. Here she is standing tall and proud after her first chocolate, covered pretzel courtesy of the Crown Market.


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  1. Troy says:

    Nice Pic!

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