Following Adam’s receipt of a Fulbright postdoctoral research fellowship to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we primarily decided to create this blog in an effort to connect our life in the States with our life in Israel.  Secondarily, we hope that through sharing our experiences, people will get to see Israel in a way that differs from the more formal news reporting lens.  Finally, the tertiary goal for this blog is to inspire people to create adventures of their own.  Our target audience is our friends and family in the US, though everyone is welcome to come along with us for the ride.  We welcome all questions and comments.

For those of you who don’t know us, here’s a little background.  We both grew up in Connecticut and met at the University of Connecticut (UConn).  Allison majored in geology and environmental science while Adam majored in mathematics.  We got married in the summer following Adam’s first year of graduate school.  From July 2007 through August 2012, we found a niche for ourselves amongst the Beth David Synagogue community in West Hartford, Connecticut.  During this time, Allison taught high school physics and earth science while simultaneously earning a master’s degree in environmental education.  Meanwhile, Adam completed his Ph.D. in mathematics in May 2012.  In addition to science, some of the things Allison enjoys include walking, hiking, biking, and crocheting.  Adam’s favorite activities include studying math (obviously),  running, hiking, biking, and following the Boston Celtics.  Religiously, we identify with the hashkafa (worldview) of modern orthodoxy.

For more about the Fulbright program in general, see this link.

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